The near surroundings of Wermelskirchen

The Cathedral of Altenberg

The cathedral was built in 1098 for the 600th day of the death of bishop Wikbold. There is an enchanted forest beside the cathedral where you can listen to the fairy tale of “Hänsel and Gretel” and other stories.

Museum "Röntgen" - Discoverer of X rays

It is situated in Remscheid and was built by Paul Krause (1870-1934), president of german center of radiography in 1909 and creator in 1927 of the center of radiography in Nordrhein- Westfalen, in memory of doctor Röntgen who had discovered X rays.

aerial tramway of Wuppertal

According to the idea from the engineer Eugen Langen from Cologne, the pendulous train was built in 1898. The inauguration was held by Emperor Wilhelm II in 1901. This train is particular by the rails over its roof.

The bridge of "Müngsten"

The "Müngstener Brücke" hangs over the Wupper Valley and is situated between Solingen and Remscheid. It is 107 meters high and 500 meters long. As a consequence it is Germany's highest railroad-bridge. There are numerous footpaths around the bridge of Müngsten.

The Wupper Dam

The Wupper Dam was built to the fulfillment of the flood control in the valley of the Wupper. During summer time it is a lovely place to rest a little bit or to rent a boat.

"Schloss Burg an der Wupper"

"Schloss Burg" is one of Germanys biggest recovered castles in west Germany. The gentry and knighthood, who dominate the Middle Ages, were the owner of the castles. "Schloss Burg" owes its origin by the "Grafen von Berg". The "Bergische" museum "Schloss Burg" gives impressions in the history and culture of the Middle Ages, the life in the castle during centuries, the daily routine, the trade and changes in the "Bergischen Land".

Cologne Cathedral

The cathedral is situated in the place where the first christians since late roman times assembled in Cologne. Nowadays, it is situated next to Cologne station. It was built during a lot of centuries.